Benra & Dual Tilt Windows & Doors  Double Hung windows are quality designed for maximum durability, security, energy efficiency and effortless installation and operation; carefully engineered with top quality aluminum extrusions and insulated glass. Available in both standard and custom sizes to match nearly any design which is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

These windows feature an innovative polyurethane thermal barrier technology that thermally breaks conductivity of the aluminum frame to substantially reduce thermal transfer from exterior of window to interior. We offer a range of different type of glass to counter thermal transfer and increase energy efficiency. Which helps you the customer, reduce HVAC loads and increase long-term energy efficiency and utility savings.

Its value cost- effective  price, easy-to-clean tilt out sashes, Anti-Drift Head Clip Lock – automatically secures the top sash in the closed position for safety, security, and a weather tight seal and custom style availability make it a popular choice with architects, owners, and developers.

Aluminum windows help highlights the clean lines of contemporary design; not only are they beautiful, they are extremely durable to achieve unique architectural vision.