Central Park SouthBenra & Dual Tilt Windows & Doors Main Product, The European Design Tilt and Turn windows are perfect in design and functionality. They are proficiently engineered with water penetration, thermal resistance, wind loading, noise reduction, security, and ease of maintenance. The design of theses windows, Its value cost- effective price, multi point locking system, optional child safety hardware and custom style availability offers builders and architects a very unique product for any type of opening in both residential and commercial properties.

The all-around flexible design is like three windows in one:

Tilt Position: The Tilt & Turn window in the tilt position – the top of the window sash tilts inward which provides draft-free ventilation and worry-less rain protection with the security of the locking points still engaged.

Turn Position:  The Tilt & Turn window in the in swing position acts like a casement window swinging their full glass area open.

Fixed Position: The Tilt & Turn window in the Fixed position provides an elegant picture window which the standard multi point locking system engages around the entire perimeter of the window sash ensuring  a tight weatherproof seal in even the harshest environments, and don’t mention the alarming noise of busy traffic, car horns and  howling wind. The Tilt & Turn window eliminates all that giving you a peaceful, calm and quiet setting.

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